The Ultimate 20 Percent Rise Up

Recession Proof Scaling

taught by Ericka Williams
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Ericka Williams
Ericka Williams

About the instructor

Ericka Williams of the Classy Climb Blog, Teaching folks how to invest in real estate, businesses and people from the palm of your hand. I have experienced a dramatic curve up in life over the past 5 years via hard work, starting businesses and partnerships. I create these courses to help others follow my path or do 10x better than me. 

The USA is set up for business owners, small time contractors and land owners. The overwhleming amount of loans, tax breaks and opportunities come when you separate into business ownership. 

I see the next 10 years, honestly the next 2 years the biggest transfer of wealth than the last 50 years. Its the guy or woman with a planner, follow up and not always money that will win. 

People like solutions in times of crisis. Can you be a solution maker? Can you bring Peace to a troubled business owner? Can you take over businesses, that work well but the owner is stressed out? 

Can you be the boss and delegate work to others? 

In this course with live training, I break down all the things I am doing this year to 10x my life. You may not want to be a millionaire but I am sure if you push through/work hard you can double or triple you income even in a recession. 

I remember putting together middle man to millions course but stop half way through. I realize folks weren't ready to take 10% to 30% off  the top, while making tough decisions. 

If you want to see the big moves I am making, and know a top 20% will make with me, come join the class. 

Course Contents

7 Videos
47 Texts

Course Curriculum

Buying Fire Sale Assets
Online Millions
Setting Up Budget for New Business
If I had to Set A Business Up from Scratch
How To Reach out to Heavy Hitters in your Industry
Starting Over at Day 1, What do I do?
Small Farms, Big Instagram Money, People will Pick it up
What I would do with $100,000 dollars
What I would do with $5,000 dollars right now
Looking for Businesses Under $20,000 dollars
Live training week 7
Week 8 Live Training
New Training 9/8 Wholesaling with Derrick
Live Training Income Shifting and other important questions 9/15/2020