6 Figure Youtube Business

taught by Ericka Williams

Course description

I am sharing with you how I started recording videos with my cell phone to making thousands of dollars a month in income. To becoming a 6 figure youtuber, that has an investment club, real estate rentals, logistics company, and traveling the country from the power of Youtube. 

1. looking for leads for your business?

2. Looking to make daily sales?

3. looking to set up videos that bring you sales forever? 

4. looking to use the power of google to get that mailbox money? 

5. looking to get interviewed by podcasts, radio and tv? 

6. want to record videos without showing your face? 

80% of all future educational material will be in video format. Daily colleges and schools around the country are using Youtube videos to help educate their classrooms. 

TV channels like HGTV, The travel channel and the food network are pulling Youtubers from the internet into TV for commercials, shows and sponsorship. 

Millionaires are being made on the platform. You can sell food, cookbooks, comedy shows, expert consulting and have a steady sales from it. 

Ericka Williams
Ericka Williams

Ericka Williams of the Classy Climb Blog, Teaching folks how to invest in real estate, businesses and people from the palm of your hand. I have experienced a dramatic curve up in life over the past 5 years via hard work, starting businesses and partnerships. I create these courses to help others follow my path or do 10x better than me. 

Course Curriculum

7000 to 10,000 a month
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20,000 to 40,000 a month
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Membership Groups or Investment Groups
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Hands off Youtube channels
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Paid Traffic
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Long Money How to Prepare for Future
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Drip Campaign Schedule How It Works
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What will your CHANNEL be About?
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Youtube Will Lift You UP
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Getting Loans with your Youtube Channel
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