Alternative Investing in the Changing Economy | taught by Ericka Williams

Course description

This will be a 8 to 12 week live training event held every Wednesday starting 8/8. The live training will have visiting guests who will speak on investing in notes, peer to peer platforms, alternative investing and countless opportunities. 

Some potential special guest will be Charles Oglesby III J. D. of Todd Capital Fund,  Ogechukwu Madu MBA The founder of The Black Seed Group, Anthony Copeman of Financiallituation/ Creator of sharestv and Dr Meadows of Alternative Financial medicine.

Ericka Williams
Ericka Williams

Ericka Williams of the Classy Climb Blog, Teaching folks how to invest in real estate, businesses and people from the palm of your hand. I have experienced a dramatic curve up in life over the past 5 years via hard work, starting businesses and partnerships. I create these courses to help others follow my path or do 10x better than me. 

Course Curriculum

First week investment Aug 8
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5th Week September 5th
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