The Power of Creating A Private Investment Group

taught by Ericka Williams

Course description

I went from O trucks to 7 Trucks via private investment group. I am currently working with private investors on different real estate deals. I am taking what I learned to show you how to create a private investment group. I believe collaboration will help more investors get in the game. When I joined various Apartment investing groups and real estate investment groups I realize how powerful they can become. 

I believe banks are trained to look for red flags, so much so they refuse to move quickly or make loans on new startups. This is where people have the power to quickly raise $30,000 to $100,000 dollars for small deals big investors are ignoring. 

I will go over pitfalls, watching out for common mistakes, and exiting strategies. 

Banks are moving slower than ever. hard money loans are sucking you dry with points and paperwork. Real estate crowdfunding sites are getting better. The best investment you can ever make is in people. You can get on social media and connect with friends, family, sharing deals. You have to be careful because of SEC rules. 

Things covered.

1. What you need to do before raising capital.

a. get educated

b. develop a track record

c. take a personal inventory

d. create a business plan

2. Finding Deals

a getting your name known

b. deal provider rotation list 

c. key to success

3. finding Cash investors.

a. what makes a cash buyer a good fit

b. why do they need you?

c. real estate equity

4. Where to find cash investors

a. Fear of asking for money

b. most common cash investor questions

c. follow up

d. what makes cash buyer a good fit

5. How to turn idea into reality.

a. your personality

b. enrollment process

c. documents

6. how to structure the private loan

a. private loan pitfalls

b. documents for setting up a private loan

c. beginning and end in mind

7. how to structure private equity deals

a. which cash investor is right for equity deals

b. setting up equity structure

c. The operating agreement

d. staying in compliance with the SEC

e. common mistakes

8. management, exiting and more

a. Investor relations plan

b. exit strategies 

c. beyond the deal

Ericka Williams
Ericka Williams

Ericka Williams of the Classy Climb Blog, Teaching folks how to invest in real estate, businesses and people from the palm of your hand. I have experienced a dramatic curve up in life over the past 5 years via hard work, starting businesses and partnerships. I create these courses to help others follow my path or do 10x better than me. 

Course Curriculum

Why Private Investment Group
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Private Capital
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The Deal Machine
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The Cash Provider
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Where to Find Cash Providers
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Turning Potential Into Reality
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How to Structure the Private Loan
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How to Structure Private Equity Deals
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Management, Exiting and More
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